Web Design & Development

The digital presence of your business

We undertake the analysis of requirements, design and construction of your website or your e-shop with modern tools and in accordance with the requirements of digital marketing.

Network Infrastructure

Always Connected!

Design, installation and upgrade of networks & network equipment. Servers, Workstations, Clients, Routers, Switches, Wiring and whatever your devices need to communicate with no issues.

Electronics Laboratory

Όλοι τα βλέπουν λίγοι έχουν τη γνώση τους!

We undertake the design, construction & repair of all types of electronic circuits. Our laboratory is fully equipped with the most modern tools and the most experienced electronics.


Automated home – industrial solutions

Research, design, installation and programming of home and industrial automation. Supply, installation and programming of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

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